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Indian Wedding Thailand

The Palayana Weddings

Translate your dreams of a lifetime of togetherness into a nuptial knot and celebrate your glorious union at The Palayana Boutique Beach Resort. With 70 spacious rooms and 19 rooms in our splendid villas, The Palayana is well-equipped to make your special day an embodiment of charm and grace.

As one of the most sought-after properties that specializes in hosting weddings, The Palayana, with its expert team, offers personalized services, allowing you to tailor your event according to your needs and budget. Built on a massive 8 rais (12,800 sq.m) of land, the property is adjacent to an all-season beach that features five (that’s right, five!) distinctive spots that offer breathtaking views, including Beachside, Tropical Garden, Conventional Ball Room, the Contemporary Pool Deck (with Ocean View) and the Convertible Meeting Room.

This is where #roomtoroam comes into place. Boasting spacious rooms and villas with exquisite traditional Thai décor, our beach resort is equipped to accommodate up to 130 guests. You can also choose to book the entire property to spread out your event and celebrate the grandeur of this special day only with your loved ones.

If you’re looking to create a lifetime of memories, allow us to make you live out your dream wedding in the lap of luxury.

40 m - all season sandy beach with choice of 5 venues depending on group size.

Small resort with just 45 rooms and 19 rooms in villas, and thus can be fully rented for an all private event.

Can permit to use the kitchen facilities under religious requirements such as 100% vegetarian or Jain food.

With prior planning, the resort can be closed down for the event and privately rented for daily rates starting just 300,000 Thb/day.

Pre-wedding photo shoot and customized decorations.

Huge parking space for two full size buses.

Planned tours and events for the guests to make your event further memorable.

One stop arrangements for all your events and English speaking event organizer.


The Green Carpet : In the Lap of Green Rolling grass with a canvas of sea waves gather together and unite in bliss, decorated to your taste and seating plans . 650 square meters Ideally suited for 150 guests.


Rock the Floor: Our newly built 375sq m soundproof Ball Room could be your hub for all the perfect setup. The banquet can be used for after parties once you are done partying it up but don’t want to stop rocking the floor, it can be used to host welcome dinners, reception galas, fun filled themed masquerade dinners and so forth.


Sun, Sand and Band: An ideal picturesque spot with waves playing the rhythms of togetherness, rose petals contrasting the off-white sands . 40 meters beachfront Ideally suited for gathering of 70-100 guests. You can choose to use the beach for a sundowner party, sunset cocktail party or also to make it the exclusive spot to tie the knot.


Pool is Cool : You are contemporary, and we want to match up. If “Cool” is the key, our 270 sq m Pool deck overlooking the Sea can be decorated to have your special event unfurl with all the fun. The pool deck is perfectly suited if you are looking for a fun filled evening of cocktails and a really cool theme parties to add the element of fun into your big day. Ideally Suited for about 100 guests


Thai Wooden House Architecture Meeting Room : For the exotic Traditional Thai Wedding in Wooden built Meeting Room with an annexed Wooden Roof Thaipas Restaurant for small private gatherings and events. Ideally Suited for about 50 – 60 guests. With the beautiful view of the sea from here, it’s a perfect spot to ideally tie the knot and also to host breezy and boozy brunches, lunches, high tea, cocktails or dinners.

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage at The Palayana is honestly our favorite! We have three main chefs. Our Indian food and beverage manager Mr. Ashish Dhawan who is a specialist in creating the most interesting fusion Indian dishes and also with a knack to look at things more differently to make sure the banqueting of the hotel is at its best. With a professional experience of over 15 years, Mr. Ashish Dhawan has been able to craft a niche for himself not just in food presentation but also in making sure that he is able to eater to all his client’s needs with utmost efficiency.

Chef Kaew, our very talented head chef, who is a culinary expert extraordinaire. From sushi rolling to insane plating techniques, you name it and our chef can create the most beautiful food for you and using elements of surprise that will fill you up with joy.

Chef Puk, our bakery chef who is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate can create magic with his bakery skills. From breads to cakes to Indian desserts, we call her our cake magician because she makes the most beautiful creations.

With a combination of these three masterminds, we will create a culinary journey that you will not forget. Any special requests will be listened and will be hand crafted to create something that will be an experience for your loved ones and for your special day.

“Indian Wedding @ The Palayana”

Indian Weddings are personal vibrant, ritualistic, extravagant, colourful, and keeping every relative happy is the most tedious task. We understand and our specialized team can help you with that.

We work with every named Indian Wedding Planner in Bangkok. At Palayana your event would be opulent, dazzling, gastronomic, energetic and of course with all sweet memories for everyone.

With many Venues, from Pooja to Vidaai , none of your guests will feel short of their colours and energy in your celebrations of THE PERFECT DAY at THE PALAYANA

1390/19 Petchakasem Road (Sai Tai) Cha-am, Petchburi 76120 Thailand

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